Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Five Goals for 2015

I am always excited to start the New Year.
Its nice to have a fresh start and to try to see things with bright eyes. The holidays are exhausting and I always find myself burnt out as the end of the year rolls around but then I feel rejuvenated come January 1st well maybe January 2nd once the hangover clears.
Five Goals for 2015
1. Blog!
2. Read 65+ books
3. Create Healthier Habits, Cook more, give up Coffee and Exercise 3x a week
4. WRITE my Middle Grade Novel
5. Meet new people. (Having just moved to New York about 6 months ago its been a little lonely, I know a few people but would love to make some new friends)
Here's to a Happy and Healthy 2015 to you and yours and Beautiful Days in New York City.
I'm hoping for just a touch of snow this year....
and a whole lot of adventure.
Would love some desert heat in California.

And to see a whole lot of the United Kingdom.

And maybe a few National Parks.



Well a girl can dream anyway.
CHEERS and Have a Very Happy New Year! - Megan

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