Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NYC Museums

New York City has so many fabulous museums to visit and unfortunately I have only been to a handful of them.
Museums I have visited:

The Highlights

 Awesome Dinosaur Collection
Hayden Planetarium
 The Highlights
Starry Night by Van Gogh in real life!! The paint is just so thick.
Its absolutely stunning,
Amazing Warhol Collection
The Temple of Dendur given to the museum by Egypt in 1965. I am always just awed by the fact its from 15 BC and that someone moved it all the way from Egypt to the museum.
Seeing a Jackson Pollock painting in person is incredible.

The Period Rooms are one of my favorite spots in the museum. It is always relatively quiet and there are so many of them from so many different eras to see.
 When I visited I had trouble finding the museum since its housed in actual old subway station. I kept walking by thinking it was just a regular subway station.
Seeing the insides of old trains,

and outsides of old trains was really neat!
I also enjoyed learning about how the tunnels were dug. 
 I am always just so fascinated by the subway.
Museums I hope to visit in 2015
Here's to seeing lots of Art and Artifacts this year!
Any other museum suggestions would be greatly appreciated. - Megan

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