Saturday, January 31, 2015

TEA TIME topics

tea cups by sewingstars
*photo from deviant art
Snow is predicted for Sunday night again.  I may have to purchase some new snow boots this winter. Loved this boot guide from Love Taza.
I want to be Joanna Goddard when I grow up.  Loved this trick she posted for choosing wine.
In January, I was much better at eating meals at home. My husband has been doing most of the cooking but I think I could manage this quinoa salad.
If you are not a New Yorker, you may enjoy this article about what its like to ride the subway everyday.
If I was throwing a tea party, I would love to bake these Vegan White Tea and Lemon cookies. They look delicious.
How adorable are these growing family portraits?

These would make an awesome on the go breakfasts for my train commute.

This list of 22 bizarre airbnb rentals really got my wanderlust going.
Have a Wonderful Weekend! I'm hoping for a snow day on Monday. - megan

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