Thursday, January 29, 2015

What have you been watching?

     A few years back, we decided to give up cable. We had just moved into a new apartment after Superstorm Sandy and the cable provider we liked was not available in our new area. So we dropped our cable, bought a Roku and never looked back. 
     Currently we subscribe to these streaming services: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Warner Movie Archive(for great classic films) & we borrow an HBOgo account. So much great stuff to watch and I am definitely a huge binge watching fan.  I hate waiting for the weekly release of a show, binge watching just works for me. 

Here are what I have been watching lately.

I had seen the second season of this show advertised recently and then I heard everyone talking about it.  Apparently ten years ago, the first season was released in 2005 about an aging actress trying to make her comeback on both a TV sitcom and then a reality show about making the TV sitcom.  The show is one of those brilliantly awkward dramedies where you want everything to go right for Valerie (Lisa Kudrow) but she is just so hard to watch in the decision she makes.  I watched the first season over the weekend and will start the second season that was released late last year soon. Its so interesting to me since it is using real time and everyone is ten years older trying to make their comebacks again. 
So far I think the show is completely Brilliant.

I watched this show a few weeks ago and was completely blown away.  Being a person who doesn't identify with the gender they were biologically born must be so beyond hard.  I cannot even begin to imagine how that would feel. I felt that Transparent did a phenomenal job of bringing the story of one transgendered father to light. I was completely engrossed.

Lately when I want to completely turn my brain off I watch chopped.  I hate to cook in real life but I love watching people cook on TV. It makes no sense but it works for me.

I totally missed the ball when this was on TV. Never watched it and had no interest, but I recently discovered it on Netflix and I can't stop watching it.  Its hilarious.

What have you been watching lately? Anything Binge-worthy?


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