Monday, February 2, 2015

Paint by Number

Lately I have been obsessed with Paint by Number paintings. I love the vintage ones from the 60s & 70s.  Something so kitschy and cozy about them.  Love the way they pop visually too. They add a lot to a blank wall space. In our apartment, I have bricks and white walls, so a pop of color is always a nice thing to have.

This one is is on the wall across the room.
Always peeking at etsy to see if there are new ones to buy. Need a few for the bedroom.
Currently lusting over these.

 *from the shop
 *from the ssmith7157 shop

What are your current Etsy obsessions?


  1. Such lovely paintings! Thank you for sharing. My sister creates some amazing illustrative designs on her etsy shop and society6 page -

    It was her who designed my blog illustration : )

    1. Thanks for stopping by Hollie! i will have to check out your sister's designs. Always great to get to know new artists.