Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tea Time Topics

Topics I stumbled upon this week, while drinking tea and browsing the internet.

 *Broke a few mugs this week, wish I could replace them with these.

I'm so in the mood for a great soul searching road trip, but I think I have to settle for one of these movies instead.
Or maybe I can go to Paris and see all these things.

This article made me laugh. Friends featured a New York we all still wished we lived in, however I think Sex and the City was really my New York Fantasy growing up.

Sometimes I'm shocked that places like this are real.  They seem straight out of a fairy tale.

Does crazy romantic love even exist anymore? " Are people today less romantically adventurous?"  That is the questions this article asks and its fascinating to me.

I have wanted to make my own granola for years.  I always find the store bought kinds to be too sweet, except for when I had breakfast in the UK.  The UK does granola way better then the US but since I don't live there I will have to settle for making my own. Maybe I'll try one of these recipes.

Bibliofiles was finally made into a podcast! So excited! Listened to two episodes during my train delays this evening.  If you love children's books definitely check this out.

Hope you have a fun weekend! 

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  1. Very cool links Megan - I'm checking out some of them now! (This week has been insane for me so I'm catching up on reading your blog now - thus the bombardment of comments haha)

    I love those mugs you posted! I definitely don't need any more (and I'm not even sure if I have room) but they're so pretty ... could one more really hurt? ;)

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket