Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

This weekend I traveled to Bethlehem, PA to visit my friends from college. I always forget how charming the city is. I was so mad at myself for forgetting to bring my good camera, so I captured a few pics on my IPhone to share here. Its always nice to visit Bethlehem, the Christmas city, where  I spent four years of my life attending Moravian College.  Its an old city that was established way before the Revolutionary War.  The stone building below is one of the oldest buildings the college owns and served as a hospital during the Revolutionary War.  Its supposed to be very haunted.  I had a few friends who lived in the red dorm building to the right of it and they all claim to have many ghost stories after living there. I was always kind of jealous I never saw any ghosts there.
Moravian stars are used in décor everywhere in this little city.
 Beautiful iron works adorn so many buildings here.
Can you spot the star on this Moravian Church?
Beautiful old houses line the streets.
 The Sun Inn building still stands after all these years.
 The Moravian Book Shop is an amazing independent gift and book store in Bethlehem. 
It was one of my happy places during my college days.
 Aren't these treats adorable?

My favorite building on Main Street.
It is always so nice to visit Bethlehem and to see my lovely friends. Always feels like a homecoming.
So many laughs and so much food. Bethlehem restaurants have really stepped up there game since I lived there.  Not that I could have afforded to eat at any of them if they were there when I was in school.
 I visited two "new to me" restaurants The MINT gastropub and The People's Kitchen both places were delicious! 


  1. What a neat and charming place, and I love the look of that cute bookshop. Sounds like you had a very wonderful weekend! :)

    1. Kie,
      Always love seeing your comments. Thank you, i did have quite a nice weekend. Sometimes you just need to visit old friends to help get you back on the right path.