Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Incredible Places: LA?

Hooray for HOLLYWOOD! Well not really....
Have you ever been to a place that you just knew you were going to love, but then when you got there it just fell flat? That is how Los Angeles was for me.  I had dreamed about going there since I was a kid but what I saw when I got there was just  meh... I think the mistake I made was thinking that it was going to be as clean and as beautiful as Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Florida.  The architecture is still beautiful but it just does not glitter like I wanted it to.  (Our time in LA also involved a trip to the emergency room due to my husbands severe reaction to poison ivy he picked up along the Pacific Coast Highway, but that is a story for another day.)

Despite its flaws there were highlights to LA like the Griffith Observatory which was stunning.
The bright white against the cloudless blue sky is pretty incredible looking.
Gorgeous views surround you at the observatory.
And the murals inside were unexpected and amazing.
LA also had a beautiful skyline and luckily there was not much smog the day we visited.
I know I need to give Los Angeles second chance. I think it could be a city I like but it just was not the city I imagined. The traffic, the smog, the grit were all not in the Hollywood I imagined. Perhaps on my second trip if I ever make one I will see more of the glitter. 
On the bright side, I did see some sparkle in Santa Monica with its beautiful Pier and beautiful beaches.
Loved the Ferris Wheel over the ocean.
Was there ever a place you traveled to that was not what you imagined? 
Some places just fall flat sometimes while others leave us breathless.

P.S. Want to see some places that left me breathless?


  1. I'm sad to hear that LA didn't live up to expectations. You did managed to get beautiful pictures!!
    Santa Monica´s pier looks so much fun!!

    1. it happens but I really need to give LA another try one day. The Santa Monica Pier was a lot of fun, I would definitely recommend a visit. Thank you so much for your nice comment. Its been a crazy week here and just now got to see your comment. ~megan

  2. The ferris wheel over the water is super pretty! Sad you didn't like it so much though. I would love to go though - I would love to see the Hollywood sign with my own eyes!

    1. I did love seeing the Hollywood sign! That was definitely my LA highlight. Thank you Holly for reading! :) ~megan