Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Incredible Places: The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea in the Coachella Valley of California is the weirdest place I have ever visited. 
 This "Sea" was created accidentally when an effort to increase water flow for farming in the area went wrong in 1905. A silt backup occurred when irrigation canals were built from the Colorado River and an overflow occurred forming this salty sea in the middle of the desert. Runoff from farms especially fertilizer runoff has added to the ever increasing salinity of the manmade sea.  As the salt levels rise it makes it harder and harder for species to survive in the Salton Sea. 
 There is also a huge algae bloom that has killed off many species in the sea.  All these factors combine into a beautiful looking but incredibly BAD SMELLING ecological disaster.
The beach looks beautiful in these pictures right?
Well that's not sand you see, its millions of tiny fish bones.
There were dead fish everywhere and man did the Salton Sea have an odor.
The fly population was also unbelievable.
Can you imagine having a picnic here, like the couple in the distance?
You can totally see my nose turned up due to the smell, but it was beautiful to look at.
At first after the Sea Salton was created the area was turned into a tourist hot spot. Health resorts popped up everywhere and the Salton Sea was heralded as a great place to go and relax. Well how quickly times change. There are abandoned towns and resorts everywhere surrounding the sea.
Such a strange and gorgeous place.
On the drive back to Palm Springs we were greeted with pretty great views.
Watching the sunset behind the mountains was really awesome.
The purple mountains were just so incredible looking.
(photos by G. Titian)
Well there you have it. The Salton Sea. Definitely the strangest place I have ever been to.
What is the strangest place you have ever visited?
Wishing you happy travels,
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  1. Strange! I've never heard of this, but I'm intrigued. Had I not read what you had to say about it, I would have thought it looked like an awesome vacation spot from the photos, haha.

    1. Amanda,
      Definitely weirdest place I have ever been! So pretty but so smelly.Thank you for your comment. ~megan

  2. Wow. What a shame such a incredibly beautiful place has been destroyed by a freak turn of events. Maybe the people having a picnic don't have a sense of smell? ;) x

    1. You may be on to something, perhaps they go there so often that the picnickers are used to the smell. Maybe they like how quiet it is definitely a spot where not many would disturb your picnic. Very peaceful besides the flies. Thank you for visiting this little blog. ~megan