Monday, March 16, 2015

Lower East Side Sunday

The Lower East Side is one of those neighbors that has a long history of being a home for new immigrants and people looking to make it in New York.  Its a neighborhood that is a little rough around the edges but there is definitely beauty in that. I was lucky enough to spend a cloudy Sunday exploring the Lower East Side and enjoying what the neighborhood has to offer.
(Again I was an idiot and forgot to bring the DSLR)
I love the old buildings. I fell in love with this building.
What a nice pop of pink on a grey cloudy day.
I am so confused by this sign below.  What do you think they are selling here? Dolphins? Pills? Dreams? I think it best to leave it as a mystery.
There is something about the old tenement style buildings that I just like.
Loved this old building front.
The doughnuts were so good at the Doughnut Plant, I had to eat two...
The Pecan Praline Beignet and the Cinnamon Sugar Cake donut were amazing but the one my husband had may have been the best donut I ever tasted.  Meyer Lemon and Poppy Seed. To die for!

We did not visit Freedman's Restaurant on this trip to the LES but we went a few weeks back. I had to take a picture of this amazing little place where you have to walk down this little alley way to find it.  So cool and so delicious.
I cannot wait until Citibikes come up to our neighborhood.
We made the journey down to the Lower East Side to meet some friends at the Tenement Museum.  This museum is one of my favorites in the city.  I have been once before.  This museum is really amazing because each time you go you schedule a tour and get to hear the story of an immigrant family who actually lived in the tenement that was restored and turned into a museum.  This time we heard the story of an Irish Immigrant family. Its really cool to see how people in the past lived.  Its hard to imagine families living in these tiny apartments. As New Yorkers we are used to tiny spaces but these seem incredibly small for families of 5 or more.

A fun afternoon was had by all on the Lower East Side.
Hope you had a great weekend.
Mine went way too fast!
Last week was a crazy one, so hopefully I can catch up and be more active on the blog this week.
Want to see more NYC pics? I am really sick of snow but if you aren't check out this or this.

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