Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cabaret and My Love of Sienna Miller

Last Wednesday, I was lucky enough to get tickets to see the show Cabaret on Broadway. I had gotten an email that the show was closing, so decided on a whim to buy tickets. Sienna Miller was starring in the Role of Sally Bowles so I had to see the show.
*Side note. I have seen Factory Girl way more times than any sane person should.  LOVE IT!
Now back to Cabaret.
So here is Miss Sienna in Cabaret looking completely gorgeous.
The tickets were expensive and I knew nothing about the show itself but I am a huge Sienna Miller fan so I went.  OH MY GOODNESS the show as amazing!
Not only was Alan Cummings absolutely Brilliant, 
but Sienna was even better than I expected.  I never knew she could sing!
The music from Cabaret continues to haunt me.  Life Is A Cabaret seems to be on a constant loop in my head. The play takes place in pre-WWII Berlin, it centers on The Kit Kat Club a cabaret filled with interesting performers and a diverse clientele.  There is a lot of complexity to the characters as they transition within a rapidly changing Germany. I have never seen a stage show work the audience the way Cabaret did. Its a tragic play perhaps even bleak in the presentation I saw but despite that I wish I could see it a 100 more times but unfortunately it ended on Sunday. If you ever get a chance to see a production of it I am telling you YOU MUST SEE it!
The show was completely fantastic and will change your life or at least it did mine.


  1. Such a talented actress !! I´ve always wanted to watch that film, what a reminder :)
    Looks like you have lots of fun,thanks for sharing!!

  2. The film is so different from the play but I liked it anyway. It is definitely worth a watch.
    Thank you Louie and Coco for all your lovely comments. Been so busy lately the blog and my blog reading has fallen on the back burner a bit but I hope to be back into things soon! I have been missing reading your lovely blog and so many others. ~megan

  3. Hey.. You have been tagged for a Liebster award!
    Here I Scribble

    1. That is so sweet. Thanks so much! Can't wait to check out the post! ~megan