Monday, April 13, 2015

Incredible Places: San Jacinto Mountains National Monument

While in Palm Springs we decided to take a ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. It is a great way to see incredible views of the beautiful mountains, canyons and deserts around Palm Springs. It is a ten minute ride up the mountain in a cable car.  You start at an elevation of 2,643 ft and end at 8,516 ft.  You can definitely feel the elevation change.  The temperature changes dramatically and you can also feel it on your body. I felt like it got slightly harder to breath on top of the mountain. 
So worth it though for the gorgeous views though.
 Fun Fact since 1963 nearly 18 million people have traveled up the tramway! 

You start your adventure up the mountain at this great mid-century building.
I do not usually have a problem with heights but I have to say dangling over the mountains in a cable car got a little scary.

Further up the mountain.
The view from the top!
Isn't it just so beautiful? Supposedly you can see the San Andreas Fault line from this mountain top which I thought was so awesome when we finally made it to the top.
We saw so many beautiful birds up at the top. Loved this bird soaring over the desert.
Check out this adorable little guy! What fantastic coloring!
Or this gorgeous fellow
Loved this gnarled old tree dried up in the desert sun.
So wild how much the landscape changed as you moved up the mountain. Just such an incredible place to visit.  If you are in Palm Springs I would highly recommend a trip up the mountain, even if it is a little scary.
Wishing you Happy Travels,
P.S. For more incredible views check out Yosemite National Park and the Pacific Coast Highway.


  1. wow such an incredible view from up there - deserts and mountains do have a certain charm!

    Cate ღ kate/idoscope

    1. They definitely have a charm all their own. Thank you Caterina for your lovely comments.