Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tender Buttons

In a desperate search for a matching button for a vintage Burberry Trench Coat my husband dragged me to a store on the Upper East Side called Tender Buttons.Their website claims that they are the only store in the country entirely devoted to buttons.  I have never been or seen another button store myself so I would think that this would be the case.  An entire wall of the store is devoted to displaying the history of buttons and different buttons of historical merit. 
(unfortunately I was unable to get any good pictures of those).
The shop was extremely charming. I loved the black and white floor and the great vintage lamps.

 The buttons were arranged by color and only the gruff yet loveable clerk was allowed to open the button boxes.
 These pumpkin buttons were my favorite.

Button Shopping was followed by breaking into a friends car when they called in a panic after locking their keys in their car. This was followed by celebratory pie and coffee at our favorite local spot Good Enough To Eat. 
Their pecan pie cannot be beat.

Yes so that was my exciting Friday night.

Have you ever visited a unique specialty store that only sold one thing? 
What is the strangest shop you have ever been to?
Enjoy your Weekend.


  1. What a cute shop. I don`t know why but it reminds me of a Roald Dahl story. I once went to a fabric/ family store that only sales soap. It was definitely unique.

    1. I can totally see the Roald Dahl! Isn't he just the best! ~megan

  2. This place is so cute! I love that there is a table and chairs in the middle. There is a small store like this in Toronto that I've been to a few times but it's a lot more narrow and a lot less orderly. This place looks like a dream!

    The White Corner Creative

    1. Sounds like a cozy little store. Thanks so much for the lovely comment Melissa! ~megan

  3. I love this shop so much, especially the name! I'm such a lit nerd